Watch or Download ’76 Nigerian Nollywood Movie

Watch or download ’76 Nigerian Nollywood movie right here on this web page. ’76 the movie was previously called Lions of ’76. Later, the title was changed to ’76 The movie. The film is a historical fiction drama of politics and military coup, combined with romance, and a mixture of old school lifestyles in Nigeria.

After a civil war in Nigeria, a young officer who hails from the Middle Belt got into a loving relationship with an O-level student from the region of South-Eastern Nigeria. Unfortunately for the two lovers, their relationship was affected negatively by regular postings of the military.

Most of the soldiers were accused of taking part in the 1976 failed military coup and the killing of the General Murtala Mohammed, including his deeply pregnant wife. The phenomenon affected the relationship of the two lovers negatively.

watch or download '76 nigerian nollywood movie

You need to watch or download ’76 Nigerian Nollywood movie to really understand the whole concept behind it.

The historical story of ’76 The movie went through a 7-month scrutiny process at the Nigerian Arm Forces before it was given the green light to start production. ’76 The movie was shot in one of the popular cities in Nigeria – Ibadan, Oyo State. It took about five solid years for the shooting of the film to be completed.

watch or download '76 nigerian nollywood movie

Adonaijah Owiriwa and Izu Ojukwu are the producers of ’76 The movie. The film was directed by Izu Ojukwu. The cast of ’76 The movie is filled with amazing and talented actors and actresses, including Ibinabo Fibersima as Angela, Ramsey Nouah as Captain Joseph Dewa, Rita Dominic as Suzie, Chidi Mokeme as Major Gomos, Daniel K. Daniel as CPL Obi, Memry Savanhu as Eunice, Debo Oguns as Noel, Adonai Owiriwa as Captain V. M Jaiye, Shauibu Ebenesi Adams as Lieutenant Jubril, Nelly Ekereogu as Ikenna, and Pat Nebos as Colonel Aliu.

watch or download '76 nigerian nollywood movie

Watch or Download ’76 Nigerian Nollywood Movie: The Guide

If this is your first time downloading a Nigerian Nollywood movie, this article will help you download videos or movies on YouTube. It will also guide you on how to download ’76 The movie full movie. Check the guide out right here.

There you have it. Watch or download ’76 Nigerian Nollywood movie online.

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