How to Download Nigerian or Nollywood Movies for Free

How to download Nigerian or Nollywood movies with the best video quality is not as difficult as you think. The problem is that there are lots of spam websites online that mislead people to install unwanted software or malwares onto their computers with a promise to give them access to download movies.

As a result, people end up installing crap software on their PCs without getting the real movie downloaded.

It’s so frustrating. I know this because I’ve been there before.

In my quest to download Nigerian movies that I can enjoy on my computer or TV, I was lured by various spam websites to install software on my laptop computer with the guarantee to give me access to the downloadable files. I ended up installing annoying application on my PC.

The good news is that the frustration that I went through while trying to download movies has made me a lot wiser now.

I’ve learned to detect malwares or undesirable software on websites that mislead people with downloadable headlines. I know better now.

So, on this blog post, I’m going to walk you through the process that I use to download Nigerian or Nollywood movies including my favorite music videos, and other type of videos that you can think of.

A unique thing about the method that I want to teach you in this article is that you can use the software that I’ll reveal here to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting websites that you can think of.

Let me give you the requirements for downloading the software on your computer before we proceed.

Requirements for installing the software on your computer:

Processor: x86 or compatible cpu running Microsoft Windows.
XP,Vista,Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
Memory: The minimum required for your Operating System.
DirectX 9.0c minimum for Screen Recorder
WinpCap 4.0 minimum, for Stream Catcher mode
For Windows XP, it’s recommended to have Service Pack 3

Without further ado, here is the simple step by step guide on how to download Nigerian or Nollywood movies with the best quality video, free of charge. You heard that right!

How to Download Nigerian or Nollywood Movies: 8 Simple Steps

Step #1

Click here to download and install the aTubeCatcher software on your computer. Not on your cell phone.


Once you download and install this software on your PC, any video that you download with it can be transferred onto your cell phone either via your phone’s memory card using an adapter, or directly onto your phone through a USB cable.

Here is the download link again.

Step #2

Install the aTubeCatcher software on your computer just like you’d install any other software.

N.B: Those without personal computers can do this on a computer in a cyber café that they patronize regularly.

Guarantee: I can assure you 100% that the aTubeCatcher software is clean and free of malware or virus. I’ve been using it for more than 5 years now. I’ve never had any problem with it, neither has it caused any harm to my computer. You have nothing to worry about. Trust me!

Step #3

Once the aTubeCatcher is installed on your computer, open it by double clicking on the aTubeCatcher software icon on your desktop. Just like you’d open any software that you want use.

Step #4

Go to and search for the title of your favorite Nigerian or Nollywood movie. If you don’t have any on your mind, use any of the following keywords to find a list of Nollywood movies “Nigerian movies” or “latest Nigerian movies” or “nollywood movies” or “latest nollywood movies” for those looking for Nollywood Yoruba movies to download, simply add the word “yoruba” to any of the keywords above. Remember, do not include the quote signs when typing the keywords into the search bar on

Step #5

When your chosen video starts playing on YouTube, simply copy the video’s URL at the top of your web browser.

Step #6

Paste the copied URL on the aTubeCatcher software at the top where it says “Enter in this box the full URL of your video:”, and click download. After clicking download, a small options window will pop up on the software, wait for the option to choose your desired video dimension format.

N.B: The top dimension will give you the best quality video.

Step #7

Choose your favorite video dimension on the small window that pops up after you clicked the first download button. Click the “Download” button on the pop up window, and let the downloading begin. That means you click the first “Download” on the software, and click another “Download” button on the small pop up window.

Step #8

When the downloading reaches 100%, an encoding process will begin immediately. Allow the encoding to end – 100%. The encoding is part of the downloading process. After that, locate the downloaded movie or video in the video folder on your computer, or in the folder containing your downloaded files.

Alternatively, you can choose where the video should be saved when the downloading completes. Follow the instruction in the image below.


That’s it. The simple most effective steps on how to download Nigerian or Nollywood movies, free of charge.

Conclusion: How to Get the Most from the aTubeCatcher Software

Once installed on your computer, take the time and get familiar with the aTubeCatcher software by trying all the features that come with it. Soon, you’ll master how to use the tool to download any Nigerian or Nollywood movie in the highest resolution standard.

Hope you find this article useful.

N.B: If you find it difficult to get the aTubeCatcher software on your computer, send me an email with an explanation of the problem you’re facing while trying to download or install it. I’ll see how best I can help you resolve the problem so that you can download any of the Nigerian or Nollywood movies that you want.

Cautions: Don’t download several videos at a time. It will freeze up the software and interrupt the downloading process. Particularly if the movie or video is long – 20 minutes and above. So, download one or two videos at a time. For videos with less than 20 minutes long, you can download 2-3 at a time. Anything more than this will freeze up the software and interrupt your downloading task. Additionally, don’t try to open the software separately to download several movies or videos individually.

Disclaimer: This method does not infringe any copyright issue. I use it to download videos that are already uploaded on YouTube and other video hosting websites for FREE consumption. If a movie or video is not available for free use, I don’t download it. So, use it at your own risk. In other words, don’t use it to download Nigerian or Nollywood movies that are not meant for free use, or that are not found on YouTube.

Thank you.


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    1. Are you sure you followed the step by step guide like stated in the article?

      Of course YouTube is the best place to download videos. The method in this article is meant specifically for that.

      Unfortunately, the software doesn’t work on mobile devices. It can only function properly on your computer. So try it there.

      Good luck,

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