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Watch or download Bella Yoruba Nollywood movie right here on this website. Bella is one of the sort after movies in the Nollywood Yoruba genre movies. It’s a must watch film for people that love Yoruba Nollywood movies.

The film is about a young lady with a tribal mark. The Bella movie tries to sensitize people about the discrimination that people with tribal mark go through in their lives.

Bella is the name of the lady with the tribal marks in the movie. Bella’s role was played by the movie producer herself, Tayo Sobola, also known as Sotayo Gaga.

watch or download bella yoruba nollywood movie online

Below is what Tayo Sobola has to say about the Bella Yoruba Nollywood movie:

“Tribal marks are like tatoos and its part of our culture, though it’s one that is fast eroding because of civilization and modernization. But it doesn’t mean we have to segregate or discriminate against those people who have tribal marks. That is the issue I tried to treat in “Bella”. It is a story of a well trained and literate lady with tribal marks on her face. This movie explains the trauma and challenges people with tribal marks face on daily basis”.

watch or download bella yoruba nollywood movie online

Tayo Sobola is one of the hottest and most beautiful chicks in Nollywood. In addition to acting, Tayo Sobola also produces and directs her own movies. She is a product of Olabisi Olabanjo University, and graduated with a degree in Public Administration.

Starring in the Bella Yoruba Nollywood movie are Yemi Black, Foluke Daramola Salako, Tayo Sobola herself, and Biodun Okeowo.

Bella is a must watch movie for people that enjoy Yoruba movies. Particular the fans of Tayo Sobola aka Sotayo Gaga.

The synopsis about the movie in this article is just a tip of the iceberg. Watch or download Bella Yoruba movie to understand the film better. You will enjoy it from the beginning to the end.

Watch or Download Bella Yoruba Nollywood Movie: The Guide

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There you have it. Watch or download Bella Yoruba Nollywood movie online.

Happy watching!

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